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Event Examples

Party Festive

•  $30,000 in cash

•  Pop a balloon win a cash prize up to $500

•  The party is over when we have given away the entire $30,000

•  Come celebrate with us



•  Help us say Thank You during our 30th Anniversary Celebration.

•  When you purchase a new or used vehicle during our celebration we will match 30% of your down payment and donate it to the charity you pick.

•  $30,000 will be donated to Charity during our Anniversary Celebration

** Donation up to 30% of the first one thousand dollars in down payment.


$30,000 Raffle

 For our 30th Anniversary we are giving away $30,000

•  Every test drive qualifies for the Riehl $30,000 Anniversary Instant Lottery.

•  Everyone wins a prize

•  One person will walk away with $30,000


Each dealer location has a 30th anniversary logo photo backdrop to take peoples photos.


Message on TV, ads, radio:

Stop by one of our dealerships and get your photo taken with our 30th anniversary logo.

We will post the photo on the Jim Riehl FB page.  You share your photo to all your friends.

If you get the most "likes", then you win!


The prize needs to be strong to promote and increase involvement.


• If you wanted to run a month-long event, you could have one incentive for each day of the week.  (i.e. Every Monday that month you would offer 30¢ down on a vehicle, Tuesdays would be $30 for car detailing, Wednesday would be $3000 below invoice on EVERY vehicle, etc.)


Possible examples include:

                • 30¢ oil changes to the first 25 people

                • 30% off KBB on used

                • Vehicles for sale for $3000

                • Register to win a 30-month lease

                • Additional 30,000-mile warranty for either 30¢/$30

                • No payments for 30 weeks

                • 30% off new (certain high-priced vehicles)

                • $3000 cash back on all new vehicle purchases

                • Any test drive register to win a vacation

                • 1-day event each month where there is a vehicle that will be for sale for $30.


You must come in and register and then at a specific time a winner will be selected and have the option to purchase said vehicle for only $30.



Month-long event. Possibly a gift for people, or saving incentive, different one for each day.

Register to win a huge prize. The prize given away on last day with a big party event.