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Maintenance in Lapeer, Michigan


You Need to Take Care of Your Car.

Why Maintenance is so Important

Your vehicle is one of the biggest investments you make in your lifetime and if taken care of properly, one of the most reliable investments. This requires quality maintenance performed on your vehicle though. If you're unsure what needs to be kept up with on your car, check the maintenance schedule or come by Jim Riehl and we'll be happy to help! 


Regular maintenance is a critical action, and it insures the safety, reliability, drivability, comfort and longevity of your vehicle. An oil change at the correct mileage would be a good example of regular maintenance.

Every vehicles maintenance schedule is different and is affected by the driving conditions as well as by the driver's behavior. Typically, there are two types of maintenance; regular and preventative. 


Regular maintenance is critical to the life of the vehicle. It insures the safety, reliability, longevity, and drivability of your vehicle. Oil changes are a perfect example of regular maintenance. 

Preventative maintenance is when a part of parts are replaced in order to avoid future major damage or for safety reasons. Examples of preventative maintenance include replacing your brake pads or replacing a timing belt. As you might guess, preventative maintenance "prevents" most expense by not allowing catastrophic failures. 

Carmakers will provide recommendations for "ideal" service schedules based on many different parameters such as the number of trips a vehicle makes, distance driven per day, whether it's operating in extreme conditions, or more. Our experienced service advisors can also take this information into account and recommend adjusting your service intervals to fit your driving habits. Our goal is to become a true partner in increasing your vehicles life and therefore your happiness! 

A "Tune-up" isn't what you think it is!

Tune-ups used to mean that a s service tech would come in and run a great deal of tests on your car and get your engine performance back on track! Nowadays though, modern vehicles have advanced electronics controller most of the mechanical and safety functions. Most tests and such required for the tune up are no longer necessary. Our service department works with your on-board systems to make sure that everything is running properly and at optimum efficiency! 

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